About Rhodes Insurance Agency

Rhodes Insurance Agency has a combined experience of over 20 years in providing exceptional experience to nonprofit and social service organizations. We offer insurance products and risk management services tailored to the nonprofit’s individual needs.

Rhodes Insurance Agency provides personal service and coverage designed specifically for each individual nonprofit. Our commitment to nonprofits and social service organizations is to achieve long-term relationships focused on bringing value to your risk management and insurance programs no matter what size your organization. We will deliver to your organization high quality property and casualty insurance programs tailored for your organization.

With today’s current economic uncertainty, nonprofit organizations are increasingly faced with the pressures of maintaining their services with declining funding sources. Nonprofits are looking for ways to cut overall costs. Insurance is often one of the largest expenses in an organization; however inadequate insurance can be even more costly. Obtaining an insurance package designed specifically for your organization can save money today and in the future. Reviewing all your risks is crucial to a successful property and casualty insurance program. Rhodes Insurance Agency will work with you by providing ongoing assistance, consultation, and service that will help you control your insurance expenses and promote safety.